Curriculum Vitae

刘成 (Cheng Liu)




Research Interests

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Persnoal Skill

Conference, School and Workshop


  1. Quest for the lost siblings of the Sun, Liu C., Ruchti G., Feltzing S. et al., 2015, A&A, 575, A51, ADS: 2015A&A...575A..51L
  2. The nature of the KRF08 stream, Liu C.., Feltzing S., Ruchti G., 2015, A&A, 580, A111, ADS: 2015A&A...580A.111L
  3. A methodology to determine stellar parameters and metallicities for metal-rich red giant branch stars – An application to the globular cluster NGC 6528, Liu C., Ruchti G., Feltzing S., Primas, F., submitted
  4. Elemental abundances in NGC 6528 – one of the most metal-rich globular clusters, Ruchti G., Liu C., Feltzing S., Primas, F., to be submitted
  5. White dwarf–main sequence binaries identified within SDSS DR7 and UKIDSS DR5, Liu C. Li L.F., Zhang F.H., et al., 2012, MNRAS, 424, 1841, ADS: 2012MNRAS.424.1841L