Up to 2016, Our group has published more than 200 scientific papers in domestic and overseas journals


  • Ren, Jing; Christlieb, Norbert; Zhao, Gang

    The Hamburg/ESO R-process Enhanced Star survey (HERES). VII. Thorium abundances in metal-poor stars

    A&A, 2012, 537, A118   ADS(2012A&A...537A.118R)   arXiv(1112.4870v2)

  • Zhao,Jia;Zhao,Gang

    A Statistical survey of orbital parameters of extra-solar planets system.

    PABei, 2012, 30, 48   ADS(2012PABei..30...48Z)

  • Wang,Liang;Sato Bunei;Zhao,Gang;Liu,Yu Juan;Liu,Fan;Wu,Xiao Shu

    A Possible Substellar Companion to the Intermediate-mass Giant HD 175679

    RAA, 2012, 12, 84   ADS(2012RAA....12...84W)   arXiv(1110.0559)

  • Li Tan Da;Bi S L;Chen,Yu Qin

    Lithium Abundance as a Predictor of Mass and Age in Solar-analog Stars

    APJ, 2012, 746, 143   ADS(2012ApJ...746..143L)

  • Zhao,Jing Kun;Terry Oswalt;Lee Anny Willson;Zhao,Gang

    The Initial-Final Mass Relation Among White Dwarfs in Wide Binaries

    ApJ, 2012, 746, 144   ADS(2012ApJ...746..144Z)   arXiv(1112.0281)

  • Zhao,Jing Kun;Terry Oswalt;Zhao,Gang

    Fragile Binary Candidates in the SDSS DR8 Spectroscopic Archive

    AJ, 2012, 143, 31   ADS(2012AJ....143...31Z)   arXiv(1111.2831)

  • Dong,Fu Tong;Wang,Fei Lu;Zhong,Jia Yong;Zhao,Gang

    Research on the opacity of Fe M-shell unresolved transition array

    物理学报(Acta Physica Sinica), 2012, 61, 3201

  • Liang,Gui Yun;Zhao,Gang;Wang,Fei Lu;Zhong,Jia Yong

    A simulation package - SASAL for soft X-ray and EUV spectroscopy of astrophysical and laboratory plasmas

    The 4th China-Japan Joint Seminar on Atomic and Molecular Processes in Plasma, 2012, 0, 1

  • Liu,Shu;P. E. Nissen;W. J. Schuster;Zhao,Gang;Chen,Yu Qin;Liang,Yan Chun

    Abundances of neutron-capture elements in G 24-25. A halo-population CH subgiant

    A&A, 2012, 541, A48   ADS(2012A&A...541A..48L)   arXiv(1203.5682)

  • Liu,Fan;Chen,Yu Qin;Zhao,Gang

    Chemical composition of giants from two moving groups

    MNRAS, 2012, 422, 2969   ADS(2012MNRAS.422.2969L)   arXiv(1203.1452)

  • Shi,Wei Bin;Chen,Yu Qin;Kenneth;Zhao,Gang

    The Kinematics and Chemistry of Red Horizontal Branch Stars in the Sagittarius Streams

    APJ, 2012, 751, 230   ADS(2012ApJ...751..130S)   arXiv(1204.4954)

  • Di,Long;Shi,Jian Rong;Zhao,Gang

    Electron impact collision strengths in Ne VII

    ADNDT, 2012, 98, 437   ADS(2012ADNDT..98..437D)

  • Kenneth Carrell;Wilhelm, Ronald;Chen,Yu Qin

    Red Clump Stars in the Sagittarius Tidal Streams

    AJ, 2012, 144, 18   ADS(2012AJ....144...18C)   arXiv(1002.3558)

  • Chao Liu;Xue,Xiang Xiang;Fang, Min;Wu,Yue;Carrell, Kenneth

    A Resonant Feature Near the Perseus Arm Revealed by Red Clump Stars

    AJL, 2012, 753, L24

  • Zhao,Gang;Zhao,Yong Heng;Zhu,Yao Quan;Deng,Li Cai

    LAMOST spectral survey — An overview

    RAA, 2012, 12, 723   ADS(2012RAA....12..723Z)   arXiv(1206.3569)

  • Nigel R. Badnell;Zhao,Gang

    Evaluation of electron-impact excitation along the iso-electronic sequence

    Joint IAEA-NFRI Technical Meeting on Data Evaluation for Atomic, Molecular and Plasma-Material Interaction Processes in Fusion, 2012, 0, 0

  • Wang,Fei Lu;David Salzmann;Zhao,Gang

    Emission Spectrum of Helium-like Ions in Photoionized Plasmas

    AJ, 2012, 144, 122   ADS(2012AJ....144..122W)

  • Liang,Gui Yun;Nigel R. Badnell;Zhao,Gang

    R-matrix electron-impact excitation data for the B-like iso-electronic sequence

    A&A, 2012, 547, A87   ADS(2012A&A...547A..87L)

  • Li,Ying Bi;Luo,A Li;Zhao,Gang

    Research Progress on Searching for Hyper-velocity Stars

    天文学进展(Progress in Astronomy), 2012, 30, 438

  • Kenneth Carrell;Chen,Yu Qin;Zhao,Gang

    Metallicity Gradients of Thick Disk Dwarf Stars

    AJ, 2012, 144, 185   ADS(2012AJ....144..185C)   arXiv(1210.2824)

  • Ren, Jing; Christlieb, Norbert; Zhao, Gang

    A search for metal-poor stars pre-enriched by pair-instability supernovae I. A pilot study for target selection from Sloan Digital Sky Survey

    RAA, 2012, 12, 1637   ADS(2012RAA....12.1637R)   arXiv(1207.4536)