Up to 2016, Our group has published more than 200 scientific papers in domestic and overseas journals


  • Zhao,Jing Kun;Terry Oswalt;M. Rudkin;Zhao,Gang;Chen,Yu Qin

    The Chromospheric Activity, Age, Metallicity, and Space Motions of 36 Wide Binaries

    AJ, 2011, 141, 107   ADS(2011AJ....141..107Z)   arXiv(1101.3257)

  • Mashonkina,L.;Gehren, T.;Shi,Jian Rong

    A non-LTE study of neutral and singly-ionized iron line spectra in 1D models of the Sun and selected late-type stars

    A&A, 2011, 528, A87   ADS(2011A&A...528A..87M)   arXiv(1101.4570)

  • Zhang,Lan;T.Karlsson;N. Chriestlieb;Zhao,Gang

    The Hamburg/ESO R-process Enhanced Star survey (HERES). VI. The Galactic chemical evolution of silicon

    A&A, 2011, 528, A92   ADS(2011A&A...528A..92Z)   arXiv(1006.3594)

  • Zhao,Jing Kun;Zhao,Gang;Chen,Yu Qin

    Metallicity calibration for solar type stars based on red spectra

    RAA, 2011, 11, 563   ADS(2011RAA....11..563Z)   arXiv(1101.3260)

  • Zhao,Jing Kun;Zhao,Gang;Chen,Yu Qin

    Emission Lines of Boron, Carbon, Oxygen and Iron in Tokamak Plasma

    CnPhL, 2011, 28, 75201   ADS(2011ChPhL..28g5201D)

  • Liang,Gui Yun;N.R. Badnell;Zhao,Gang;Zhong,Jia Yong;Wang,Fei Lu

    R-matrix electron-impact excitation data for astrophysically abundant sulphur ions

    A&A, 2011, 533, A87   ADS(2011A&A...533A..87L)   arXiv(1108.0091)

  • Tan,Ke Feng;Zhao,Gang

    A possible signature of non-uniform Be-α relationships for the Galaxy

    AJL, 2011, 738, L33   ADS(2011ApJ...738L..33T)   arXiv(1108.2074)

  • Wang,Liang;Liu,Yu Juan;Zhao,Gang;Bunei,Sato

    Stellar Parameters and Chemical Abundances of G Giants

    PASJ, 2011, 63, 1035   ADS(2011PASJ...63.1035W)   arXiv(1109.6742)

  • Shi,Jian Rong;Gehren,T.;Zhao,Gang

    Statistical equilibrium of silicon in the atmospheres of nearby metal-poor stars

    A&A, 2011, 534, A103   ADS(2011A&A...534A.103S)

  • Wang,Fei Lu;David Salzmann;Zhao,Gang;Hideaki Takabe

    Photoionizational Plasmas. II. Computational Results

    AJ, 2011, 742, 53   ADS(2011ApJ...742...53W)

  • David Salzmann;Hideaki Takabe;Wang,Fei Lu;Zhao,Gang

    Photoionizational Plasmas. I. Theory

    AJ, 2011, 742, 52

  • Wittenmyer, Robert A.;Endl, Michael;Wang,Liang

    The Pan-Pacific Planet Search. I. A Giant Planet Orbiting 7 CMa

    AJ, 2011, 743, 184   ADS(2011ApJ...743..184W)   arXiv(1111.1007)

  • Chen,Yu Qin;Zhao,Gang;Kenneth Carrell;Zhao,Jing Kun

    The Metallicity Gradient of the Thick Disk Based on Red Horizontal-branch Stars from SDSS DR8

    AJ, 2011, 142, 184   ADS(2011AJ....142..184C)   arXiv(1110.1782)