Up to 2016, Our group has published more than 200 scientific papers in domestic and overseas journals


  • Liang,Y.C.; Zhao,G.; Chen,Y.Q.; Qiu,H.M.; Zhang,B.

    Chemical compositions of four barium stars

    A&A, 2003, 397, 257   ADS(2003A&A...397..257L)

  • Zeng,Jiao-Long; Jin,Feng-Tao; Zhao,Gang; Yuan,Jian-Min

    Temperature Diagnostics for iron Plasmas by Means of Transmission Spectrum Obtained by Accurate Atomic Data

    ChPhL, 2003, 20, 862   ADS(2003ChPhL..20..862Z)

  • Chen,Y.Q.; Zhao,G.; Nissen,P.E.; Bai,G.S.; Qiu,H.M.

    Chemical Abundances of Old Metal-rich Stars in the Solar Neighborhood

    ApJ, 2003, 591, 925   ADS(2003ApJ...591..925C)

  • Zhang,Xiong; Zhao,Gang; Cheng,Guang-Sheng; Zhang,Li

    Gamma-Ray and Multiwaveband Emission from Gamma-Ray-Loud BL Lacertae Objects

    ChPhL, 2003, 20, 1183   ADS(2003ChPhL..20.1183Z)

  • Takeda,Yoichi; Zhao,Gang; Takada-Hidai,Masahide; Chen,Yu-Qin; Saito,Yu-Ji; Zhang,Hua-Wei

    Non-LTE Analysis of the Sodium Abundance of Metal-Poor Stars in the Galactic Disk and Halo

    ChJAA, 2003, 3, 316   ADS(2003ChJAA...3..316T)

  • Zhang,Hua-Wei; Zhao,Gang

    Lithium Abundance of Metal-poor Stars

    ChJAA, 2003, 3, 453   ADS(2003ChJAA...3..453Z)

  • Wang,Fei-Lu; Zhao,Gang; Yuan,Jian-Min

    Density Dependence of the Detailed Spectral Line Effects on the Opacity of Astrophysical Abundant Elements: oxygen

    ChPhL, 2003, 20, 1887   ADS(2003ChPhL..20.1887W)

  • Zhang,X.; Cheng,K.S.; Zhao,G.; Hu,S.M.

    Correlation between the Gamma-ray and the Near-infrared Emissions from Gamma-ray-loud Blazars in the Low State

    Ap&SS, 2003, 286, 323   ADS(2003Ap&SS.286..323Z)

  • Qiu,Hong-Mei; Zhao,Gang; Zhong,Jia-Yong

    A high-resolution spectral analysis of mildly metal-poor stars II. Chemical abundances

    ChA&A, 2003, 27, 66   ADS(2003ChA&A..27...66Q)

  • Wang,Fei-Lu; Zhao,Gang; Yuan,Jian-Min

    Opacity of Hot and Dense Stellar Material: Flexible for Changes in Composition and Abundance

    ChPhL, 2003, 20, 2206   ADS(2003ChPhL..20.2206W)